Hollywood Studio Tours
Hollywood stars all have on thing in common they have all passed through the gates of the dream factories, The Studios. To-days stars still drive through some of the very gates that welcomed such Hollywood legends as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Clark Gable before them. Of the dozens of Film TV studios in Hollywood only a handful offer guided tours. Fortunately these are perhaps the best known and some of the most historic. Here is a guide to those that offer tours and the names locations of those that do not. I list these non touring studios as you can obtain audience tickets, to view live shows in some of them. Quite a few of the older studios are well worth viewing from the outside for their look alone.

Theme Parks incorporating Studios Tours.

Universal Studios
Universal City
Hollywood Freeway(101)
Tel: 1-800-UNIVERSAL
The Theme Park includes a tram tour of Universal's back lot taking you through many well known sets, being attacked by Jaws experiencing an earthquake. An informal tour that will not bore the kids in fact they will simple love it.
Price included in admission cost to Universal.
1313 Harbor Boulevard
This back lot tour is new this year at Disney Anaheim. Their new Adventure park contains a Hollywood Pictures back lot tour with particular attention paid to animation and special effects.
Price included in admission to Disney.

Studio Tours only.

Warner Bros Studios

VIP Studio Tour
4000 Warner Blvd,

Tel: 818-972-TOUR
This two hour plus tour is an actual tour of working studios, no two tours are alike as you are seeing actual work in progress. So the chance of seeing a star behind or in front of the camera is excellent. Tour the Costume dept, Scenic dept, the Mill that creates sets for films TV. Then tour the exterior sets that you will recognize from films TV, last is Warner's on-lot Studio Museum a collection of over 70 years worth film making. There are 4 Best picture Oscars, clothes worn by the stars, A Casablanca museum with the original piano, John Wayne's saddle and even James Deans Triumph Motor bike. This two floor museum contains virtually something from every Warner Bros Film. This tour is limited to up to 12 people at a time including your well informed guide, so it is worth booking in advance.
Paramount Studio Tour
5555 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood. CA.
Tel; 323-956-1777
Paramount Studios perhaps the most famous studio gates in the world and now the only major studio actually located in Hollywood. This 2 hour guided walking tour, incorporates an historical and informational behind the scenes look at the daily workings of a film studio. Don't be surprised if you spot a star after all they work here.

Paramount Ranch.
Paramount Ranch Rd,
Cornell Road
Agoura Hills. CA.

Tel: 818-597-9192

Free of charge

For over sixty years this site as been used as Tombstone, Arizona, Dodge City most other towns. TV series such as CHIPS, Duke of Hazards Charlie's Angels, many classic westerns including Gunfight at the OK Corral many John Wayne films have been shot here. The ranch is still a working movie ranch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is filmed here by CBS on weekdays in the Western Town on the ranch. Other filming also takes place here in 1999 several sets were built for The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas. The ranch is now open to the public including its western town: all free of charge but don't be surprised if the place looks familiar when you visit, the hills surroundings have been seen in 100's of movies and TV scenes.
Sony Picture
Studio Tour
10202 W Washington
Culver City.
Tel: 323-520-TOUR
This is the former home of Hollywood's greatest studios MGM . This is like Paramount's tour a walking tour of the studio's back lot, sets, sound stages and historic scenery. There is also a mini museum snack area. Being a working studio you will also have the chance of seeing some live shooting and acting.

KCET Studio Tour
4401 Sunset Blvd.

Free of Charge
This historic studio was the former home of Monogram Pictures and Allied Artists, and now houses LA's own public TV station KCET. Over its 90 years existence legends such as Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Edward G Robinson,
Audrey Hepburn, Steve McQueen etc have all worked in this studio. The last film released by the studio in 1965 was Tickle Me starring Elvis Presley. Since when the studio has been a TV facility and since 1970 the home of KCET. The free 90 min. tour takes you through the old movie studio lot and the current studios production facilities. Advance phone bookings are required.

NBC TV Studio Tour
3000 West Alameda Ave,
Tel: 818-840-3537

NBC is the only commercial TV station in LA that offers a behind the scenes tour of its facilities. This 70 min. walking tour offers a down to earth view of a working TV studio. This guided tour gives you the chance to go deep into the vast warehouse areas where costumes and props are stored. See Studio3 where the Tonight Show is recorded by Jay Leno guests and view video's on NBC's history.

The Hollywood Studio Museum
The DeMille Barn,
2100 N. Highland Blvd,


This simple wooden framed building is one of the most important structures of the Golden Age Of Hollywood. It was in this barn that Cecil B. DeMille shot Hollywood's first full length feature film The Squaw Man with his partners Samuel Goldwyn and Jessie Lasky. This little barn was the start of, and the future Paramount Studios that went on to make many Hollywood blockbusters and still do to-day. This barn was moved in 1920 to Paramount where it spent the next 60 years. Rescued in 1982 and moved to its present location, opposite the Hollywood Bowl, this barn is now the Hollywood Studio Museum. Now a museum to the movie industry, simply brimming with exhibits and articles from the classic films of Hollywood.

Studios listed below do not have tours. Entrance can be obtained by obtaining free audience ticket's to watch their live TV shows recordings.

Charlie Chaplin Studios
Formerly AM Records now Henson Studios)
1416 N. La Brea Avenue
Tel: 323-469-2411
Charlie Chaplin built this studio in 1917 filming all of his films here over the next 20 years. Built to resemble an English village this studio still stands today at the corner of La Brea and Sunset Boulevard. Recently sold by AM Records to Henson Productions ( the Muppets creators ) this historic studio cannot be visited by tour or ticket. Designated as an Historic Monument (No 58), the plaque can be found at the entrance. When standing here it is hard to believe that when Chaplin built this studio the area was little more than acres of orange groves. Worth a visit to take a picture of this unusual of the old studio.
The Culver Studios
9336 W. Washington Blvd
Culver City.
Tel: 310-836-5537
The historic Culver Studios has perhaps the most attractive exterior of all the studios, a copy of George Washington's mansion Mount Vernon. This was the mansion featured in the opening credits of David O Selznick's Gone With the Wind which was filmed here in 1939. Many classic films were shot here including Citizen Kane King Kong. A most see studio front.
No tours but Live audience tickets available see below.
Sunset-Gower Studios.
(formerly Columbia Pictures Studios)
1438 N. Gower Street
Tel: 323-467-1001
Columbia Pictures was founded by Harry Jack Cohen in 1920. Over the years this studio has given many great movies including From Here to Eternity , Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, On The Waterfront, Ghostbusters to name just a few. Now an independent production studios that hires out its facilities.
No tours but Live audience tickets are available see below.
Walt Disney Studios.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Tel: 818-560-1000

Opened in 1937 this is the studio that produced all those classic Disney animated films and still produces Disney films to this day. There are no tours here but the large building that faces the main gate contains a very large 7 Dwarfs, cast in stone, individually standing arms aloft, reaching up as if supporting the roof of the building. The sight of these Giant Dwarfs are worth a visit alone.
No tours but Live audience are tickets available see below.
Warner Hollywood Studios.
7200 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood
Tel: 323-850-2500
This was the United Artists studio in 1928 formed by Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and D.W.Griffith. Became the Samuel Goldwyn Studios in the 50's where all those classical musicals were made. Since 1980 has been the Warner Brothers TV studios where TV series such as Dynasty have been filmed. Right next door to the famous Formosa Cafe.
No tours but Live audience tickets are available see below.

ABC TV Studios
4151 Prospect Ave
Tel: 310-557-7777

CBS Studio Center
4024 Radford Ave
Studio City
Tel: 818-655-5000
CBS TV Center
7800 Beverly Blvd LA
Tickets free from ticket office
at corner of Beverly Fairfax
Hollywood Center Studios
1040 N. Palmas Ave
Tel: 323-469-5000
KTLA Studios
5800 Sunset Boulevard.
Tel: 323-460-5500

Raleigh Studios
5300 Melrose Avenue
Tel: 323-466-3111
Opposite is a famous Celebrity cafe Lucy's El Adobe Cafe
Ren-Mar Studios
846 N. Cahuenga Blvd
Tel: 323-463-0808
20th.Century Fox Studios
10201 Pico Boulevard
Century City
Tel: 310-277-2211
Tickets: 323-956-1777

The above studios are a selection from the dozens in LA but they are the main ones to visit.

Tickets for Live TV Shows and Tapings are available free from the following agencies. These tickets can be obtained in advance, well worth the postage if you are on a limited time scale or if you require to watch one particular show. Unless otherwise stated tickets are only available from the agencies below.

Audiences Unlimited
Tickets by mail include SASE
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City. CA 91608
Tel: 818-771-7195
A Ticket booth for walk up tickets is available in the Entertainment Center at Universal Studios, but this is behind the entrance so a tour fee is required to get to this booth.
Ticket Line: 818-506-0067.

Audience Associates. Reserved seats for television shows, as well as parts for crowd scenes in commercials, movies, and television shows are available.
Tel: 323-467-4697 or 323-653-4105.
Free TV Tickets.

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