Celebrity Addresses by Area

Homes of celebrities can be found throughout Beverly Hills, listed below are some of the more well known celebrities who live in Beverly Hills and former addresses of deceased celebrities. These addresses are not given as mailing addresses, but as a list of homes and former homes of celebrities in Los Angeles whose houses you may wish to view.

Warning! Celebrity home's or former home's are private residences. Do not attempt to speak with any resident, trespass on their land or intrude on their privacy in any way or you will be arrested. That is the law, they do not make exceptions.


Curtis Jamie Lee 158 Chatsworth Ave Santa Monica

Danson Ted 719 Kingman Ave Santa Monica

Fonda Jane 153 Wandsworth Ave. Santa Monica

Hopper Dennis 330 Indiana Ave Venice

Lawford Peter 625 Beach Rd (PCH) Santa Monica. 

This beachside house was previously owned by Louis B Mayer. Other homes previously owned by celebrities in Beach Road include:- Harold LLoyd 443, Mae West  514, Darryl Zanuck 546, Samuel Goldwyn 602, Harry Warner 605/607, Douglas Fairbanks Mary Pickford 705 and Norma Shearer 707.

Moore Dudley 5505 Ocean Front Walk Venice

Reinhold Judge 1341 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica

Selleck Tom 331 Sage Lane Santa Monica