Celebrity Addresses by Area

Homes of celebrities can be found throughout Beverly Hills, listed below are some of the more well known celebrities who live in Beverly Hills and former addresses of deceased celebrities. These addresses are not given as mailing addresses, but as a list of homes and former homes of celebrities in Los Angeles whose houses you may wish to view.

Warning! Celebrity home's or former home's are private residences. Do not attempt to speak with any resident, trespass on their land or intrude on their privacy in any way or you will be arrested. That is the law, they do not make exceptions.

Arness James. 830 Brooktree Dr Pacific Palisades

Bacharach Burt. 681 Amalfi Dr. Pacific Palisades

Chase Chevy 17492 Camino De Yatasto. Pacific Palisades

Cosby Bill 1500 Sorrento Dr. Pacific Palisades

Cotton Joseph 17800 Tramonto Dr. Pacific Palisades

Cruise Tom 1525 Sorrento Drive Pacific Palisades

Crystal Billy 860 Chautauqua Blvd. Pacific Palisades

Douglas Michael 812/26 Napoli Dr. Pacific Palisades

Fairbanks Douglas 1515 Amalfi Rd Pacific Palisades

Goldberg Whoopi 146 N.Amalfi Dr Pacific Palisades

Goodman John 619 Amalfi dr. Pacific Palisades

Guttenberg Steve 1401 Calla Del Tonella Pacific Palisades.

Hopkins Anthony 1331 Monument. Pacific Palisades

Keaton Michael 826 Napoli Dr. Pacific Palisades.

Laughton Charles 14950 Corona Del Mar. Pacific Palisades

Leonard Sugar Ray 1550 Amalfi Dr, Pacific Palisades

Liotta Ray 16829 Monte Hermoso Dr.Pacific Palisades

Niven David 146 Amalfi Dr. Pacific Palisades

Schwarzenegger Arnold 14209/15 (Evans Rd) Sunset Blvd.Pacific Palisades

Short Martin 15907 Alcima Ave Pacific Palisades

Spielberg Steven 1515 Amalfi Dr. Pacific Palisades

Ullman Tracy 13555 D’Este Dr. Pacific Palisades