Homes of celebrities can be found throughout Beverly Hills, listed below are some of the more well known celebrities who live in Beverly Hills and former addresses of deceased celebrities. These addresses are not given as mailing addresses, but as a list of homes and former homes of celebrities in Los Angeles whose houses you may wish to view.

Warning! Celebrity home's or former home's are private residences. Do not attempt to speak with any resident, trespass on their land or intrude on their privacy in any way or you will be arrested. That is the law, they do not make exceptions.

Alpert Herb  31930 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Bridges Jeff  2882 Home Rd Malibu

Bronson Charles 3661 Cross Creek Rd. Malibu

Brooks Mel 23868 Malibu Rd Malibu

Brosnan Pierce 31663 Broadbeach Way Malibu

Busey Gary 18424 Coastline Dr. Malibu

Cannon Dyan 98 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu

Carson Johnny 22240 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Cher 27422 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Clark Dick 27700 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Collins Jackie 26820 Malibu Colony Dr. Malibu

Conrad Robert 21355 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Dern Bruce Laura 23430 Malibu Colony Dr. Malibu

DeVito Danny 31020 Broad Beach Rd Malibu

Downey Robert 29169 Heathercliff Rd. Malibu

Duvall Robert 6238 Bonsall, Malibu

Dylan Bob 29400 Bluewater Dr. Malibu

Elliot Sam 33050 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Estevez Emilio 31725 Sea Level Drive Malibu

Field Sally 3412 Cloudcroft Dr. Malibu

Gibson Mel 23353 Palm Canyon Lane Malibu

Gossett Lou Jr 5916 Bonsall Dr. Malibu

Hagman Larry 23730 Malibu Col. Rd. Malibu

Hanks Tom 23414 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu

Hawn Goldie 30804 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu

Hemmings David 64 Malibu Col. Rd Malibu

Hoffman Dustin 31045 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu

Jackson Michael 6983 Wildlife Rd. Malibu

Jones Jennifer 21336 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu

Keach Stacy 27425 Winding Way. Malibu

Keith Brian 23449 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu

Kristofferson Kris 3179 Sumacridge Rd. Malibu

Landon Michael 5920 Bonsali Drive Malibu

Letterman David 6731 Fernhill Dr. Malibu

Lowe Rob 5968 Dome Drive Malibu

MacGraw Ali 31108 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu

MacLaine Shirley 25200 Old Malibu Rd Malibu

Majors Lee 23826 Malibu rd Malibu

Matthau Walter 30936 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu

McEnroe John 23712 Malibu Colony Rd Malibu

Meredith Burgess 23736 Malibu Rd. Malibu

Moore Demi 22470 Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu

Murray Bill 24228 Malibu Rd. Malibu

Newton-John Olivia 3655 McAnany Way. Malibu

Nolte Nick 6174 Bonsall Dr. Malibu

Penn Sean 22271 Carbon Mesa Rd Malibu

Pfeiffer Michelle 3930 Legion Lane Malibu

Redford Robert 3122 Broad Beach Rd Malibu

Reynolds Burt 22336 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Ronstadt Linda 38 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu

Ross Katherine 33050 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Russell Kirk 30804 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu

Scott George C 3211 Retreat Ct. Malibu

Seymour Jane 24800 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Sheen Charlie 23906 DeVille Way Malibu

Sheen Martin 6916 Dune Dr. Malibu

Sting. 23730 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu. Purchased from Larry Hagman.

Streisland Barbara 5750 Ramirez Canyon Rd. Malibu

Van Dyke Dick 21215 Mariposa De Ora Malibu

Vincent Jan-Michael 31339 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu

Weaver Dennis 25006 Malibu Rd. Malibu

Willis Bruce 22470 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu


Malibu beach homes. Please note that a private beach, is the stretch of beach above the high tide line. Below high tide line is public beach and coastal access laws require that the public be allowed access to it. So as long as you stick to the wet sand you have the legal right to walk there. Just head for Malibu Pier then just walk right along the shoreline, on the wet sand, to Carbon Beach past the beachside homes. There are also public walkways along PCH, open between sunrise sunset, that lead down to the beach. These are signposted indicating where non residents can walk along the shoreline without trespassing. Public access routes, though well hidden, are situated off Pacific Coast Highway at the following blocks: 19900, 20300, 22700 four between 24300 25100 blocks. There are also two access points on Broadbeach Road near 31346 32000 blocks both difficult to spot but they are there. Just remember to walk in front of the stars homes below the High Tide Line or stick to the Wet Sand.